Book Readers' and Trader's Club

Welcome to the club!

Mission: A place for book-lovers to lend and borrow books and share their views.

How does it work?:

  • The membership to this site is by invitation only, for close friends to share. Feel free to invite your friends to the site, so that we may expand the club.
  • We have added our books to this site. Please feel free to borrow some by sending us a message (Anjali/Gabe will deliver them to your doorstep).
  • Share your books with others using this site if you like or write reviews for the books. (You dont have to lend books to others in order to borrow books. Isn't that nice?)
  • Please do not add signed copies, first editions or books that are hard to replace.
  • The books are sorted by last name of the author and then sorted by the title.
  • Remember, this is a wiki! So, you can edit content, contribute in the form of ideas/comments etc.

What do we have to gain? We would get exposure to other/new authors and get to hear new perspectives on our favorite books .. all in a friendly setting and
for free.

Have fun and keep reading!
Gabe & Anjali

P.S. We will start writing reviews for books soon, so please check back frequently.

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